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Devin Booker enjoys seeing his pal D’Angelo Russell at a press appearance attempting to promote Coco5.

    Booker and Russell are more than pals.

    Coco5 teammates.

    Russell is a sports drink company partner and Booker is its primary owner and spokesperson.

    Therefore, Booker wasn’t bothered when it appeared like Russell was going to have a bottle on display at a news conference on Saturday, but the Lakers withdrew it because the brand doesn’t have a partnership with either the Lakers or the NBA.

    It’s likely that he’s still beaming somewhere thanks to the free PR that Coco5 gained as a result of that.

    Booker stated, “I think it was a good turnout,” and I agree with him. It shed more light on the situation than it would have had it the bottle had simply been sitting there.

    The footage of the news conference has been seen more than a million times across various social media platforms.

    Booker stated that it is vital for us. “It’s important for us,” “I had a good mood. When we played in the finals of the tournament in 2021, I used it as well. The capacity to promote one’s own goods and services through endorsements. Something in which (Russell) has also spent his time and money. That’s what we call “sweat equity.” It’s vital to us that people see it on the big stage because it’s a project that we’re both really passionate about, and it’s great that it’s finally getting some exposure.

    During the postgame press conference on Saturday after the Lakers’ Game 3 victory over the Grizzlies at Arena, Arash Markazi, the founder and CEO of The Sports Tribune, tweeted the interaction that occurred between D’Angelo Russell and Ta’Nisha Cooper, the associate director of media relations for the Lakers. Cooper was the one who retrieved the bottle.

    Cooper said, “That drink does not belong to one of our partners.”

    Russell: “My partner.”

    The National Basketball Association has designated Gatorade as its official sports beverage, although the Los Angeles Lakers have chosen BioSteel as its official sports beverage as of 2021.

    After hearing this, Russell gave a response by saying, “you’re going to have to fine me.”

    Russell called out to her in a louder voice, “Look, Coco5,” and moved the bottle to the right side of him as she began to approach him.

    If Cooper did that, then he would have to reach above him in order to take the bottle away.

    Russell said this while he was in possession of the microphone. “You’re going to have to take it,” he continued.

    Cooper then did exactly that and walked away from the press table after he had finished speaking.

    Following the conclusion of his news appearance, Russell made his way over to Cooper in an attempt to reclaim the bottle. She didn’t hand it back to Russell until he was almost out of the press room, and even then she was being sneaky about it.

    In addition to NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, Derrick Rose, Marcus Morris Sr., Markieff Morris, Jahlil Okafor, and businessman Eric Holoman, Russell is a partner in the company. Michael Wilbon of ESPN is also a partner in the organization.

    While Jim Reynolds holds the majority ownership, Miles Reynolds serves as the company’s managing partner.

    The following is how Coco5 is described on the corporate website:

    No matter how active you are, Coco5 is the ideal beverage for maintaining your health and being well hydrated. Your body will be able to recover from strenuous exercises, yard labor, youth sports, pick-up basketball games, and whatever else you put it through with the help of our important electrolyte and mineral blend. And because Coco5 is flavored with only natural and delicious fruit extracts, it is a delight to consume on a daily basis.