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John Wick Star: “It was so visceral” Before the premiere, John Leguizamo didn’t like Keanu Reeves’ first film.

    John Leguizamo has admitted that he had misgivings about John Wick even after filming it. Keanu Reeves’ leadership of the John Wick franchise has become nothing short of legendary at this point. However, the beginning was rough. Reeves’ career was going through a difficult period at the time. With filmmakers reluctant to hire him owing to back-to-back box office failures, the future of this film seems bleak as well. However, because to his outstanding performance and Stahelski’s excellent direction, it not only survived but became one of Hollywood’s most recognized franchises. As Leguizamo stated, he was not expecting much, but the debut blew him away.In a recent interview, John Leguizamo stated that he was not optimistic about the future of John Wick. While he felt it was “interesting,” he expected it would turn out to be okay-ish at best. Recalling his character briefly, he remarked, “Critics, too, predicted the film would be a flop, due to Keanu Reeves’ track record of box office bombs just prior to the film.” Analysts, too, expected the film to gross in the $40 million range when it enters theaters. However, having the entire experience of witnessing that masterpiece blossom before their eyes would change their minds.John Leguizamo said that despite his initial reservations, he had a great time working with Keanu Reeves and even Alfie Allen. He said it was “so much fun knocking people out, better than being knocked out.” As a result, he had a great time. The film’s debut, on the other hand, completely stunned him.So much so that he eagerly returned to reprise his role as Aurelio in the sequel. “Then I go to the premiere and I’m like, ‘What?!'” he said. It was so emotional that you couldn’t read it.” He went on to say that Reeves, Chad Stahelski, and David Leitch did an outstanding job. Things went nicely between them, especially because they had past experience working together.