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Luke Grimes just talked about the sad news about the fifth season of ‘Yellowstone’

    The midseason finale of Yellowstone season 5 has been completed, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the remaining episodes of the season. Luke Grimes is now a topic of conversation following the airing of the most recent episode of the show, even if it will be some time before viewers can catch up with the Duttons.

    After hearing that the drama on the Paramount Network will resume airing in the summer, the actor made a beeline for Instagram to express his appreciation to the viewers who have maintained their commitment to watching the show. By posting a picture of himself in character as his character Kayce Dutton, he expressed his gratitude to his followers for their support of his work. In addition to this, he divulged a mystery that could only have been understood by those with exceptionally sharp hearing.

    “Thank you for tuning in, and thanks to @yellowstone for playing my song on the show that aired last night,” you can tweet. In a post dated January 2, he referred to his single “No Horse to Ride” by saying that the phrase “means everything.”

    After Luke uploaded the photo on social media, followers of Yellowstone responded in a timely manner. Even though there were many responses to the huge music news he shared, many people were frustrated by how long it will be before they can watch him perform again on screen.
    I really don’t look forward to having to hold out for such a long time! One user lamented on Instagram that they had enjoyed the most recent seven episodes of the show. An additional fan exclaimed, “I’m not sure I can wait until summer for the new episodes!” “Man, it’s the middle of summer; what the hell is going on with that?” Having said all of that, I absolutely adore the show!” observed a third individual.

    His surprising post on Instagram comes at a time when Yellowstone’s popularity is only growing. The ratings for the season 5 premiere in November 2022 were the highest they had ever been, according to Entertainment Weekly, with 12.1 million people tuning in. Season 5 is also the longest season the show has ever had, clocking in at 14 episodes as opposed to the standard of 10 episodes in previous seasons.

    When Yellowstone reopens for the season in the summer, nobody is sure what to anticipate. Thankfully, the announcement of the episode was accompanied by a teaser trailer, which informed viewers that fan favorites (such as Kevin Costner’s John Dutton) will be making their way back into the show in the near future.

    Luke has a lot of surprises in store for the audience while they wait for the program to return. The country singer is currently giving his first record the last touches that it needs in order to be released. In addition to that, he will be doing a performance at the Stagecoach music festival in late April, on the same day as his co-star Lainey Wilson’s performance there.

    We can only hope that this will make the time spent waiting a little less excruciating.