4 Zodiac Signs Who Make the Most Annoying Siblings

If you have brothers or sisters that you love, living at home can be a lot of fun. But if you have siblings with certain star signs, your life can be very frustrating. 

Some annoying siblings will do anything to get their kicks, from slurping loudly while eating soup or chewing with their mouths open to scraping their nails across the walls.

If you've ever felt unreasonable anger towards your siblings, you should know that it's not really your fault. They are just people who were born under those signs of the zodiac and make annoying siblings.

Most of the time, a Taurus is a calm brother or sister who can be annoying when they get angry. You almost want to sigh when they eat too loudly, take too many breaks to sleep, or do what they always do, like bite their nails.

1. Taurus

Gemini brothers and sisters can be very helpful at social events because they are great at making connections and will introduce you to everyone. But on most days, it can be exhausting to talk to them because they love to talk about other people.

2. Gemini

It can be hard to share a room with a Pisces sibling. They will be talking loudly on the phone late at night or constantly cutting other people off. They also know how to be annoying at family gatherings.

3. Pisces

The annoying things a Virgo does often upset their siblings and eventually bring them down. They spend too much time cleaning and are too careful. Too often, a Virgo's obsessive behaviour forces their siblings or family members into a corner where they have to fight for their own space and sanity.

4. Virgo

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