5 ways smartphones are killing romance in your relationship

Smartphones, not extramarital relationships, are the new bad guys in your life, according to a number of studies that show how reliance on electronic devices like smartphones hurts real-life interactions, intimacy, and makes people less sure about their relationships. 

This "technoference" is having a big effect on our relationships and, in the worst cases, is causing people to split up. Even more so if only one partner uses their phone too much, the other can feel left out.

 When people bring their phones or tablets into the bedroom, they sometimes choose to watch a web series or movie instead of getting intimate.

One of the main ways smartphones kill romance in relationships is by making it harder to focus on each other when talking. When we text, check social media, or scroll through emails while talking to our partners, it sends the message that we're not fully present or interested in the relationship.

1. Distracted communication

Another way smartphones kill romance is by making people less close to each other. When we're always looking at our phones, we don't pay attention to our partners, which can make it hard to touch and show affection.

2. Reduced intimacy

Social media is now a regular part of our lives, but it can also hurt our relationships. Social media can make us compare ourselves to others and feel jealous, especially when we see our partner talking to other people online. This can lead to mistrust and the end of a relationship.

3. Social media comparisons

Smartphones can also make it harder to balance work and life, which can hurt our relationships in the long run. When we are always checking our emails or staying late at work, we don't put our personal lives, like our relationships, first.

4. Work-life balance

Lastly, smartphones can kill romance by making it harder for people to connect emotionally. When we talk to each other too much on our phones, we miss out on chances to connect with them on a deeper level.

5. Decreased emotional connection

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