7 Best Compound Exercises for Belly Fat


Jump squats require hip-width feet. Keep your spine neutral and squat to 1/3 to 1/2 of the way down with your hips. Jump high and explode with both feet. After landing, do a half-squat and jump into the next repetition. Repeat the target amount.


Begin pushups in a plank position with arms under shoulders. Breathe, brace, and maintain a neutral spine. Lower your chest with elbow bends. Push with both hands to return to the top. Repeat the target amount.

Lunge Jumps

Lunge jumps require hip-width feet. Right foot forward. Lower your back knee by 1/3. Jump up quickly with your right foot forward. Land in the same positions, absorbing the force by lowering the back knee and bending the front leg, then start the next repetition right away. Repeat both sides for the target number of repetitions.


Burpees start with feet shoulder-width apart. Kick your legs back and plank. Land crouched. Reach up quickly. After landing, quarter squat and repeat. Repeat the target amount.

Parallel Grip Pull-ups

Parallel pull-ups burn calories and build upper body and arm strength. Use parallel pull-up bar handles. Hang from the pull-up bars with your palms facing each other to do parallel pull-ups. Try to reach the bar with your chest. Lower completely. Repeat the target amount.


TRX rows strengthen your back, biceps, and core. Starting with your hips off the ground, hold the TRX handles in each hand, facing up. Row up to your chest. Lower to start. Repeat the target amount.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers work your abs, hip flexors, and arms. Mountain climbers start with pushups. Bring one knee to your chest with the toes an inch off the floor. Switch feet quickly and plant the front foot behind you. Repeat the target amount.

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