9 Burger Orders That Annoy Chefs

Too many modifications

""Burger just" saddens me. I constantly ask—do they want meat and bread? If yes, I feel sad ""Wade" "I understand if you don't like cheese, but what about aioli or ketchup? Run it through the garden, at least give yourself a little veg—we're getting older."

Skipping mayo because they're misinformed

Eggs, oil, mustard, and seasonings—no dairy! It's bothersome because someone worried about an allergy doesn't know the ingredients of the thing they're worried about, so you wonder what else they've been avoiding without reason."

Lettuce wraps

California-based Don't skip the bun when eating a burger. Lettuce-wrapped burger. Finally, "Carballo. "Why bother eating all the calories and asking for lettuce wraps? Gluten-free is fine. A burger without a bun?"

Adding avocado

This is definitely a personal taste thing, but according to private chef Gerald Harley, "Avocado doesn't belong on burgers! It kills me when people ask to add avocado to burgers that come with toppings like mushrooms and bacon." 

Pretending to have an allergy

Chefs detest fake allergies. With all the topping options, this comes up often. Kushner said it can affect severe allergy sufferers.

Ordering everything on the side

Why go to a restaurant if you get a simple burger and add your own toppings? "Ordering everything on the side, even cheese, is my biggest pet peeve. A deconstructed burger, and they ask why the cheese is cold?"

Requests for well done

It's commonly known that chefs loathe well-done steaks and burgers. Don't mention extra-well-done demands. "You have to chew so damn hard."

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