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You gotta love a good beer, whether you're enjoying a few on your back deck in summer or a comforting stout at a pub in winter. According to Statista, the U.S. generated over 200 hectoliters of beer in 2021, making it the second-largest beer producer. As consumers drink more beer, their preferences are changing.

BrewDog Sink The Bismarck

West Lakeview Shores Liquor sells "Sink the Bismarck," a "amplified" IPA. This beer costs $230. Sink The Bismarck has four times the hop, four times the bitterness, and a whopping 41% ABV, according to BrewDog's blog. Quadruple hop and bitterness sounds unpleasant to us.

The Bruery Papier 2009 Anniversary Ale

The Bruery's "first anniversary beer," Papier 2009 Anniversary Ale, cost approximately $300 per 750 ml. bottle. It's 14.5% ABV, oak-aged 75%, and barrel-aged 25%. The Bruery's website says this beer was a brewery-only release. The BestDamnBeerShop originally sold this beer for $249.99, but distribution and availability changed.

Schorschbock 57

Its ABV is 57%, but its price is substantially greater. According to, Schorschbrau Brewery's "World's Strongest Beer" costs $300. If you can drink like the Germans and are willing to pay a fortune for a beer, go for it! If not, choose a beer you can enjoy without worrying about money.

NYC airport beer

A visitor going through Terminal C at LaGuardia airport in New York tweeted a Biergarten restaurant drink menu in the summer of 2021. Even airport beers cost $13.05–$27.85! The airport now limits concession pricing to 10% of "local, off-airport street costs" after the viral post.

Sam Adams' Utopias

Sam Adams, a popular Boston lager, has also made Utopias, pricey, limited-edition barrel-aged beers, throughout the past decade. Its 28% ABV is high enough to be banned in several jurisdictions and severe compared to Sam Adams lager's 5%. A 24-ounce bottle costs $250.

Beer at Fenway Park

Start saving now for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Fenway's 12-ounce drink costs $8.50, whereas the New York Mets' 20-ounce beer at Citi Field costs $11.75—71 cents per ounce.

3 Floyds Dark Lord

You get four bottles of this Indiana brewery's unique vintage beers (three Russian-style Imperial Stouts and one mystery vintage beer) and the Dark Lord Day experience for $150. Only the annual celebration offers this beer. A bonus to your day of music, partying, and getting paid?

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