How to Be Happier Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries - Take the lead.

"Aries are natural leaders, so they're happiest when they get to be in charge, show off their pioneering spirit, and follow their instincts. People born under this sign enjoy being first." Being content requires independence and putting oneself first.

Taurus: Start a meaningful collection

Taurus treasures its possessions and finds security and belonging in them. Antiquing and thrifting can feel purposeful to Taurus, and starting a meaningful collection can make them happier at home.

Gemini : Have deep conversations

Gemini enjoys reading, writing, and discussing ideas with others. They often fail to execute, which can dampen their happiness." Gemini may need to finish what they started if they want to be happy. Keeping a planner and setting and tracking goals can help them finish and feel satisfied.

Cancer : Strengthen your relationships

Cancerians are happiest when they emotionally invest in their home life because the moon, home, and family are connected to them."

Leo  : Let go of pride

Leo, the happiest zodiac sign, demands happiness. The celestial lion can focus on happiness more because it already has a solid happiness foundation." Since Leo is ruled by the sun, they feel best when recognised for their charisma, talents, and cheerful disposition. Leos are happiest when they express themselves

Virgo : Rein in your perfectionism

If Virgos find it difficult to limit their perfectionism, they can start small. "Virgos can find the most happiness in simplicity, so spending some quality time recharging in the serenity of nature will quickly boost their sense of well-being, Other ideas include trying a grounding meditation to let go or a new activity that takes time to improve, like pottery.

Libra - Improve your self-relationship.

"This Venus sign loves love, so Libra is usually happiest when they're with someone who's equal to them as a friend, lover, or more, These dinner-party hosts love having great friends, but their happiness cannot depend on others. That guarantees disappointment. Libras should develop a relationship with themselves like they do with friends in order to thrive and be happy in the long run.

Scorpio : Develop your intellectual side.

Scorpios struggle with happiness "since Scorpio is co-ruled by two very intense planets: Mars and Pluto." Scorpio tends to experience happiness in extreme and volatile waves.  Scorpios must connect with their power, transformation, and control to be truly happy. That requires "letting go of power struggles, destructive tendencies, and entanglements."

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