How To Be More Positive Every Day

It can be scary to have a positive outlook and be optimistic. But, as with most things in life, small steps can add up to big changes. So, we asked the experts what small things you can do every day that will have a big effect. You might be surprised at how little you have to change to find ways to be happier every day.

Being mindful gives you the ability to be in the here and now. You think less about the past, which makes you sad, and less about the future, which makes you anxious.

1. Practice mindfulness

"Some people think affirmations and mantras are silly, but research shows that the way we talk to ourselves has a big effect on many parts of our lives, including our attitude."

2. Use positive affirmations and mantras

Most people think of exercise in terms of how it affects their body, but it also has a big effect on their mental health. “ Endorphins are chemicals in the body that make you feel good. 

3. Exercise regularly

It's in our nature to see what's wrong right away. "Train your mind to see the good in things," says author, motivational speaker, and Choose Happy founder.

4. Find the good in every situation

"Positivity breeds more negativity," and "happiness spreads." Spend time with people who make you feel better and who are there for you.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Books that inspire and motivate you can be a great way to get yourself in a good mood.

6. Read inspirational books

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