Husband Won $1.2 Million Lottery, Hides From Wife Buys His Ex Apartment

A Chinese man bought his ex-wife an apartment to hide his $1.2 million lottery win from her. Two years ago, he won a huge lottery prize after taxes.

 He never told his wife and took elaborate measures to hide the winnings. Chinese courts didn't like the failed subterfuge. Learn what happened.

The Hangzhou Daily reported that Zhou transferred $290,000 to his older sister and $100,000 to his ex-wife to help her buy an apartment a day after receiving the winnings. Lin, the man's wife, divorced him after finding out.

Lin requested that Wenzhou's divorce court divide the couple's property equally. She requested two-thirds of Zhou's hidden $1.2 million. 

Zhou's embezzlement of the money he transferred to his sister and ex-wife was upheld by the court. Lin received two-thirds of Zhou's lottery winnings. The news outlet reported no appeals.

China has seen other lottery jackpots hidden from partners. Southern Chinese man wins $32 million lottery in October 2022. He told the media he wouldn't tell his wife and child so they wouldn't become "conceited," the South China Morning Post reported.

"I only won a few dozen yuan. My family doesn't mind me buying lottery tickets as a hobby "he said. "I spend little on it, and the lottery gives me hope." He pledged to donate $600,000 of his winnings to charity.

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