Lipstick Shade Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Velvet Red Lipstick

Aries, you attract attention. You like leadership and success as a cardinal fire sign. Your direct communication style is liked and opens doors. You need a dark velvet red lipstick to show the world you mean business before you open your mouth.

Taurus: Blush Pink Lipstick

Earth signs prefer simplicity in all aspects of life. Clean lines and classic elements always win in home decor and fashion. Pink is your zodiac power colour and best lipstick colour.

Gemini: Sheer Lip Gloss

Gemini, you're honest. You change your mind frequently. As an intellectual and quick-thinking air sign, you like to keep your options open, which can make choosing a signature lipstick shade difficult. What if your lipstick changed with your mood? Sheer lipgloss adds shine to a bright lipstick or nude lips for a casual look.

Cancer: Matte Mocha Lipstick

You're the zodiac's nurturer, but your sensual and dark side is waiting to emerge. You're used to deepening your emotions and connecting with others as a Moon sign. You need a matte mocha lipstick to match your sophistication.

Leo: Shiny Glitter Lipstick

Traditional lipstick shades won't work for Leo because every moment is a chance to make a statement. You can't blend in as the sign ruled by the Sun's powerful energy. Glittery lipstick highlights your lips and your fun-loving personality.

Virgo: Long-Wear Peach Lip Stain

Virgo, you're refined. You carefully consider every purchase. Classics are your style. You're organised and meticulous, so your ideal makeup is a long-wear peach lip stain.

Libra: Bold Gold Lipstick

Libra is beautiful. You love to express yourself through style as a Venusian. You like to try new beauty products and indulge. Why not set the trend with regal gold lipstick?

Scorpio: Deep Berry Lipstick

Due to your water sign intuition and emotional connection, Scorpios are among the sexiest zodiac signs. Your mystique and smirk are what really fascinate people. Scorpios want intense relationships, and a deep berry red lipstick will reflect that power and ferocity.

Sagittarius: Tinted Lip Balm

You're the zodiac's adventurer. Though you work out and look good, most lipsticks won't keep up with your active lifestyle. A versatile lip shade is needed. Tinted lip balms moisturise while you conquer the world.

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