McDonald's Introduced a New Chicken Nugget.

McDonald's always sees themselves as restaurant industry pioneers. Over the past few years, they watched other fast-food chains experiment with plant-based meat substitutes. McDonald's will offer plant-based Chicken McNuggets next week.

If you're in the US and excited about eating Plant nuggies next week, you'll have to wait because they'll only be available in Germany. 

AP reports "Following an August test at nine Stuttgart restaurants, more than 1,400 German restaurants will serve nuggets. 

Germany will get McDonald's McPlant burger next week." McDonald's plant nuggets may never reach the US.

Customer demand will determine the plant nugget's global availability. European diners simply prefer plant-based alternatives. In the UK, Ireland, Austria, and the Netherlands, McPlant burgers are on the menu.

McDonald's stopped testing it in select US markets last summer without announcing a nationwide release. 

They partnered with Beyond Meat, an El Segundo, California company, to develop Mickey D's plant-based chicken, which they started selling in 2021.

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