McDonald's Latest Discontinuation Is No Joke

What's the proverb? You cheated me once. I'm sorry. Many of us can't believe McDonald's big news about retiring the McRib.

Mickey D's announced the McRib's "Farewell Tour" this week. The item will return nationwide on October 31 for the last time. Fans doubted this news immediately.

The Golden Arches' latest attempt to capitalise on nostalgia and manufactured scarcity feels more like a Groundhog Day scenario than an Earth-shattering announcement because the chain has "said goodbye" to the seasonal item several times before.

The McRib, introduced in 1980 and discontinued four years later, became a fast-food icon. In 2005, Mickey D's announced the first McRib Farewell Tour, saying the sandwich could return if fans demanded it. One year later, Farewell Tour II began. Tease!

"There was such a huge show of support for the McRib last year that we decided to bring it back," McDonald's regional marketing director Jerome Elenez said of the 2006 shady move.

A 2007 McRib Farewell Tour! McDonald's reintroduced the boneless BBQ pork sandwich in 2010 and 2011 with a new marketing strategy based on its rich history.

McDonald's fall menu has featured the McRib for three years. This latest visit feels like another.

McDonald's seems to doubt the McRib's demise. Mickey D's allowed some flexibility after announcing the Farewell Tour 2022.

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