meet Most Romantic Zodiac Sign

Romance is varied. It can be shown in grand gestures like flowers and jewellery, or in something as simple as a sentimental visit to where you first met or a home-cooked meal. How a partner shows affection varies by person.


"A Cancer is romantic when they want to be a homebody with you. They give you a sense of belonging, even in their most private spaces, including the bedroom." Cancers show romantic interest by opening up and being vulnerable. When smitten, Cancer can create a shared emotional experience. Cancers quickly form emotional bonds.


"Always desiring something new and different, they will keep things interesting and love discovering new ways to your heart," Geminis will find magical ways to win you over. This sign may want to recreate a scene from a book, movie, or dream. They may also quote poetry or impress you with their intelligence.


Libra, ruled by Venus, brings romance into your everyday life. Libra wants to send a cute card and cupcakes to your office just because. They're more than sweet gifts. They value compromise and partnership, so they listen to your needs.


Leos love grand displays of love. Leos can set the mood, pick the right outfit, and make you feel like the most important person in the world. They want you to feel the spotlight too.


Taurus loves slowly. Marquardt says Taurus love is natural, unrushed, and grounded. Taurus' romantic partners like Taurus' simplicity and organic chemistry, so the slower pace usually wins.


Pisces, the most romantic sign, loves Hollywood glamour. They love being swept off their feet, but they can do it easily. Pisces' otherworldly aura attracts and hypnotises partners. It can seem like a fairy tale. They make love seem like the movies."

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