see who is the best mom according to zodiac

1. Pisces

Pisces moms raise sensitive, creative children who are kind and compassionate. Pisces moms instil a love of nature, pride in helping others, and independence.

2. Aries

Music, sports, hobbies, social activities, and camps fill Aries moms' kids' schedules. The Aries mother is also busy. She wants her kids to try new things. She encourages them to face all challenges and fight for their beliefs.

3. Gemini 

Gemini moms have "the talk" early on with their kids about anything. Gemini moms aren't secretive. Her kids are well-spoken and worldly.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn mothers would die for their children. Capricorns will always defend them. These moms are serious about parenting. They want their kids to be disciplined and hardworking.

5. Taurus

Taurus moms have saintly patience. Taurus moms are real and grounded. Taurus moms are stubborn, which can cause problems for their teens. You've seen a Taurus mom-teen fight.

6. Libra

Libra mothers are calm and balanced. When siblings argue, she can see both sides and help them reach a compromise.

7. Cancer 

Cancer mothers are caring. Cancer kids know they're loved. Cancer always comforts her child. She wants her kids to feel loved and comfortable in her home.

8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius mothers are generous and want to show their children the world. They probably travel with them early on. They instil curiosity, independence, and a wicked sense of humour in their children.

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