The Best-Dressed Zodiac Sign

Some people dress out of necessity. Others use it to showcase their creativity and designer clothes. If you fall into the latter category, you probably plan your outfits days in advance and spend weeks debating your next big purchase. Maybe you've even wondered how you got so into style, glam, and beauty. If so, astrology may be the answer.


To succeed, these hard-working, serious, and ambitious people build a solid foundation, including their appearance." Thus, Capricorns plan everything, including their clothes.


Scorpios have no particular vibe. Instead, they pick a style and dress accordingly. "Preppy, gothic, glam, and normcore Scorps exist. Their styles vary, but their fashion self-expression is unmatched." Since everything in their closet matches, they have a consistent look that people remember.


Virgos love luxury, too. "Virgos will spend what they can on durable clothes. They'll wear quality designs but not labels." Virgos aren't fashion victims due to their conservative taste.


Diviner and astrologer at Crescent Divination says the outfit and hair look great because Leo energy rules the hair. Ask your Leo friend for outfit advice if you want to copy their style. This kind, helpful sign will cheer you on.


Libras always understand the dress code "Their element, intelligent Air, allows them to predict what others will wear, so they never dress inappropriately. Libras can help you dress for a black-tie optional wedding.


Taurus, ruled by Venus, enjoys luxury and beauty. Metcalf says this sign is tactile and loves silks and cottons. "Taurus women can be tender, beautiful, and feminine, creating their own image. Taurus men have great taste. He can make an ordinary business suit stand out with a handkerchief or watch.

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