The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

Any workout that involves boxing, kickboxing, or punching a bag will be right up your alley, Aries. These choices are great for Aries because they let you get some of your passion or even anger out in a healthy way, so you can deal with and channel it.

Aries : Boxing

As an earthy Taurus, you'll love barre, which is a gentle workout based on ballet that you can do at your own pace while wearing comfortable leggings.

Taurus : Barre

"Gemini, the zodiac's social butterfly, loves to work out in a class or with a group," says Stewart. Think of a fast-paced step class, a Zumba workout with bumping music, or any other rhythm-based aerobics class, as it will suit your airy personality.

Gemini : Group Aerobics

When you get to the gym, Cancer, look no further than the row of elliptical machines. "The smooth, flowing motions of walking or running on an elliptical machine are perfect for you.

Cancer: Elliptical

As a fiery Leo, you'll love doing any kind of cardio. Leo is in charge of the heart, so getting your heart pumping and blood moving will make you feel even more alive.

Leo: Spin Class

Since you're an earth sign, Virgo, you'll like fitness routines that make you feel more supported, grounded, and organised, like vinyasa yoga.

Virgo: Vinyasa Yoga

Libra, when you choose a place to work out, you always look for fun music and an inspiring atmosphere. If you don't find either, you won't bother going.

Libra: Roller Skating

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