which jacket you have to wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Bomber Jacket

Aries likes to impress. As bold as your personality, you're not afraid to try new styles. You like bold, clean-lined pieces because you're confident. A bomber jacket completes any outfit with that "so-cool-I-didn't-even-try" look.

Taurus: Shearling Jacket

Taurus, you're stylish despite your cosiness. You prefer timeless styles and neutral colours. You consider clothing an investment, so you're willing to spend more to look and feel your best. A cosy shearling-lined jacket elevates any outfit.

Gemini: Peacoat

Gemini, your style is fun and unique. You follow trends because you hate being boring. You also love bold colours and fabrics that others might avoid. You need a timeless jacket like a peacoat to finish off your innovative looks.

Cancer: Sherpa Jacket

Cancer, comfort comes first. As a homebody, you want to stay warm in winter. Sherpa jackets are perfect for you because you like lighter colours, soft silhouettes, and comfy fabric. You'll feel hugged.

Leo: Animal Print Jacket

Leo, your style is louder than your personality. You love to dazzle with bold colours, quirky patterns, and fierce animal prints. Reminding everyone that you're the king of the jungle is a good idea.

Virgo: Denim Jacket

Virgos like stylish clothes. You're the zodiac's best dresser. You're stylish without designer labels. Thus, you value denim jackets' durability. This jacket is timeless.

Libra: Suede Jacket

Libras are stylish and well-dressed. You know what's hot, but you like "relaxed luxury" clothes. Suede jackets are elegant without being fussy. It can also be worn year-round and day-to-night.

Scorpio: Trench Coat

Scorpio is the most enigmatic sign. You're calm and serious, but you're emotional. Thus, you choose timeless, elegant clothing. The trench coat will keep you dry and empowered.

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