Who is Great Dads according Zodiac Signs


Your destiny is fatherhood, Capricorn. Fathers teach by example. Your kids should be responsible, hardworking, and educated. You're always looking for creative or traditional ways to educate your kids.


You're always brainstorming ways to bring people together. You never yell at your kids. Your kids love that you're loyal and always there for them.


You also encourage your kids to play sports or other active hobbies. You want to pass on your knowledge and culturally educate your kids.


Fathers value family time most. Whether it's board games, movies, or zoo visits, you love family traditions. You want family unity. Your kids may think you're too involved. If you want your kids to enjoy family time, respect their privacy when they need it.


You believe a busy child is a happy child, so you always try to help them with their hobbies. Even though you want the best for your kids, you may be too controlling. It's okay to let them skip art club one day.


Your kids learn kindness and respect from you. Your fathering is selfless, but you sometimes forget to structure it. Don't spoil your kids. No is okay sometimes.


You're all about your kids. You give your child everything they need. Your family values honesty. You want your kids to tell you anything. Sometimes it's hard to say no to unnecessary things because you're so concerned about your children's needs.


However, stubbornness sometimes wins. This can cause family conflict and damage your relationship with your kids if you're not careful. Be patient and understanding, and your kids will respect and admire you even more.


You value your children's opinions and feelings despite being a neat freak. You don't want to overwhelm them with your attention. It can get annoying if you're constantly fixing their hair or asking where they are every ten minutes when they're out with friends.


Leos are indulgent and impulsive. You love to brag about your kids. You spoil them unreservedly. You want your children to have a better life than you, but you can get carried away by focusing on your needs instead of theirs.


You want your kids to travel and learn about other cultures, but you have trouble prioritising and making sure they have what they need to be responsible adults. You often forget your role as a parent and become more of a friend, which is fine in the moment but can cause problems later.


Fathers sometimes feel like they must be their children's best friends. You're laid-back, calm, and sometimes emotionally detached, but parenting is hard. Not everyone can be the best parent, and that's okay—we all make mistakes. Kids heal quickly.

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