who will be your Wife According To His Zodiac Sign


Your Aries man may take a while to propose, but he will be mentally ready. Expect a joyful, overt change, but don't be surprised if your Aries man flirts with other women. He loves you but needs to know he's not "trapped."


It's simple when your Taurus man proposes. He clearly wants you and expects your "I will." This man will shower you with silly gifts all the way to the Vegas altar, where Elvis will marry you.


If you can marry Gemini, you'll see that he's hooked on you by the time he says yes. Gemini is slow to mature, but he loves you. If you can marry Gemini, you'll see that by the time he says yes, he's hooked on you. Gemini is slow to mature, but he loves you.


That Cancer men crave love during sex is good. The long-term Cancer man will improve your lust. Sincere and passionate. Signs: Eye-gazing during pleasure.


Leo's genuine. They demand you. They're not caveman, but they're close. Leo is a great spouse, but they can be possessive. Marriage signs: They aim to please, amuse, and reassure you.


Virgo men will test you before marrying you. This person's certainty drives you crazy. Once he decides to marry you, he'll show you your best moments, but until then, you're on display.


Libra men love completely. He's loyal, but he doesn't like making mistakes, so he may take his time getting married. Libra prefers long-term relationships, but he'll prove his loyalty in big ways.


If he likes you, Scorpio men will consider marriage. This wanderer is hard to marry, but once he does, he's unstoppable. Overt "marry me" behaviour is your sign. Be ready. He won't accept no.


Impulsive and passionate, the Sag male doesn't take marriage lightly. If it's what he wants and what you want, it won't be about "signs"—it'll be about shutting him up, as he'll be excited to get married once he convinces himself.


He always wanted to marry but was too afraid. He likes order and family but struggles to achieve them. If he wants to marry you, Capricorn may attack with desperation. His impatience and slightly neurotic admiration of you indicate his intent.

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