Zodiac Sign's Favorite Fast Food Chain

This Mexican Grill, ruled by Mars, the planet of action, passion, and intensity, perfectly suits Aries' desire for bold flavours, adventurous tastes, and a dash of spice, says professional Psychological Astrologer and founder of Typically Topical (an award-winning astrology & esoteric blog).

Aries: Chipotle

Tauruses prefer a fast food chain with great coffee and delicious treats to stay warm and classy. Even if it's expensive, "Taurus' can't help but surround themselves with food and drinks that reflect their exquisite and eclectic taste;

Taurus: Starbucks

This global chain's bright golden arches match Gemini's duality "McDonald's is perfect for Geminis on any day and any persona because they're bad at making decisions. Whether it's a Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Diet Coke, or Happy Meal and chocolate milk to satisfy their inner child.

Gemini: McDonald's

Cancers are complex and sensitive. Like a big pancake! "Kristen says, "IHOP screams Cancer vibes," especially since "their slogan 'Come Hungry, Leave Happy', is a true representation of the energy Cancer gives to this world; leaving the world a slightly better place than it was yesterday

Cancer: IHOP

Leos are "showy and extravagant," so "they'll be ordering the biggest pizza with all the toppings to share with their adoring fans,

Leo: California Pizza Kitchen

Libras seek balance and harmony, so they often visit Panera Bread. The chain's wide range of healthy options can help Libras feel good about their bodies." They like Green Goddess Salad and Creamy Tomato Soup, but they also like flatbread pizza.

Libra: Panera Bread

Scorpios love their sweet tooth and dark side. Scorpios frequent Dairy Queen "indulge in the darkest chocolate, Scorpios will love this underrated chain, which offers old-fashioned, greasy drive-in food and every candy-filled blizzard.

Scorpio: Dairy Queen

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