Horoscope Signs Say About Relationships

Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Each zodiac sign belongs to a specific house of the elements, which dictates many of its characteristics and features.

There are no guarantees, but whether you are a believer or a sceptic of love horoscopes, it can be helpful to study the characteristics of your own sign.

Aries people are typically energetic, driven and intelligent 


Aries can be perfectionists, irritable, and intolerant of failure because to these qualities. (their own and others).

The element linked with Aries is fire, thus they are intense, even magnetic, but also prone to overstepping, choosing spontaneity over stability.


As thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, Geminis have the chemistry to keep a relationship sizzling for the long haul.

Persistent Aries has the grit to catch a Gemini's interest and foster an expressive, meaningful connection. 

Both signs also have a strong desire for companionship, so conversations about marriage are common even early on. 

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