How To Attract Any Female Based On Her Mars Sign

Weakness and indecision turn off Mars in Aries women. But be polite. That'll also upset her.

Attract an Aries Mars woman

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These locals are even-tempered and relaxed. They enjoy indulging in the finest aspects of life, including eating.

Attract a Taurus Mars woman

Attract a Gemini Mars woman

A woman with Mars in Gemini will find you irregardless of your physical appearance to be the most gorgeous person ever.

Cancer Mars women are family-oriented and will watch how you treat her parents, siblings, extended family, and pets.

Attract a Cancer Mars woman

Leo Mars women don't like indecisive persons or those who don't listen.

Attract a Leo Mars woman

Attract a Virgo Mars woman

Good manners, intellectual conversations, and an easy-going nature are the most attractive to a Mars in Virgo woman.

To attract this woman, impress her with your knowledge of the world, especially art and high society. She is ambitious but doesn't display it

Attract a Libra Mars woman

Attract a a Scorpio Mars woman

Her ideal partner is a lot like werewolf/vampire romance heroes. But she will be instantly turned off if you do not treat her like an equal.

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