The Zodiac Signs Ranked by Degree of Maturity

Virgos have the utmost patience due to their analytical nature, which also makes them incredibly mature and wise beyond their years. 


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Capricorns are a pretty misunderstood bunch. They have high ambitions and dreams and also possess the drive to put in the hard work needed to achieve their goals. 



The first thing you probably notice about this sign is that their symbol is a balanced scale, much like their personality in real life, 

Taureans are patient, reliable, and stable. This star sign prefers constancy and honesty.


Given that Cancers' emotions can run wild, the emotional crab is surprisingly mature.


Aquarius is truly an original astrological sign, as Aquarians take pride in their individuality and eccentric nature.  


When you think of Pisces, you typically imagine someone who is often lost in their thoughts or feelings. 


Scorpios have a magnetic energy that makes you just gravitate toward them. However, you must beware of this charisma 


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