Destinations for Every Zodiac Sign

Bold, confident Aries values diversity, and Cape Town has a plethora of it. With the magnificent Table Mountain as a background



From expensive cocktails at hotel bars to sophisticated cabaret shows and shops full of the world's greatest luxury products, the City of Light is created for Taureans to spend their trip budgets.

Perhaps it's the Irish affinity of striking up friendly conversation or the diversity of interests, Gemini is here for it. 



Comfort, privacy, relaxation, and family time: the touchstones for Cancer are also those for the Danish tradition of hygge, or cozy conviviality. In any season 

Leo craves attention, and there's no better place to seek it than L.A. Although "Hollywood" is now more of a state of mind than the real epicenter of the film industry 



Self-effacing, ever-thinking Virgo can unwind and unplug in Fiji, in the South Pacific, where a sandy beach at a luxury resort proves the perfect antidote to unplugging and relaxing.

Libra seeks balance, and loves orderly, aesthetically pleasing destinations. Enter Vancouver, balancing the best attributes of its fantastical surroundings 


Scorpio is obsessive, emotional, sexually charged, secretive, tempramental, moody, and loyal 


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