Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Aries, try new things this weekend! Jupiter in your sign boosts charisma and extroversion.



Venus' influence is ideal for romance, and the Pisces season's energies make you more sociable. 

Green Star

Plan an extravagant night, dazzle your lover, and then drop the question; they will almost likely accept! Venus if you're single 


Green Star

This is a significant week for your romantic life, Cancer. You've been involved with someone for some time, and things have developed steadily.


Green Star

You and your partner are fighting a lot. You clash a lot, and...Not ideal. The issue, Leo. You’re bored.


Green Star

Powerful Venus Pluto are connecting, giving your words and deeds immense force, so today is your perfect moment to shoot your shot and make some moves.



Pisces season makes work busier, but Venus entering your chart's partnerships zone on Monday means you'll still have time for romance.

Green Star

After a long Aquarius season, Pisces season brings excitement back! Pisces season illuminates your romance, sex, and fun zone.


Green Star

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